Main Topics 

The following topics will be discussed during the congress. The Organizing Committee invites you to participate by sending your scientific proposals (abstracts) on any of them.

  1. Chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury. Epidemiology and data of the region. Challenges and opportunities.
  2. The basics of hemodialysis and quality of dialysis: the hemodialysis machine, the filters, the dialysate liquid. Water for hemodialysis.
  3. Acute renal injury, when it is started, with which modality of RRT therapy to start, what dose of dialysis to give.
  4. AKI guide for Colombia.
  5. Infections in hemodialysis, infection control, vaccination, water for hemodialysis
  6. Uremic toxins and Adequacy in hemodialysis, Kt / V and others
  7. Acute and chronic complications of hemodialysis. Cardiovascular complications.
  8. State of the art in the management of the patient in chronic hemodialysis, includes: anemia, calcium-phosphorus, hyperkalemia.
  9. Nutrition in hemodialysis
  10. KDIGO Guides
  11. The future of hemodialysis.
  12. RRT in AKI
  13. Hemodialysis in minorities and disadvantaged populations in Latin America: indigenous and Afro.
  14. Protective and preventive strategies in hemodialysis.
  15. Economics of chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis
  16. Management of diabetic patients on hemodialysis
  17. Management of hypertensive patients on hemodialysis
  18. Information Technology, Big Data
  19. Specific topics of interest for social work, psychology, nursing
  20. Quality of life
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